Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is special.

I have been speaking about the constant grind of becoming a children’s book author. I can honestly say, I have received so many denials. Normally… in life.. I allowed failure to define me. If I failed , I eventually gave up. This is how I know, writing is my absolute passion! The denials lit a fire under my ass. I spend so much of my day, writing new stories, editing old ones, sending submissions, learning the field, I literally dream of stories at this point. It has consumed me. I received an email today that has made this hard work finally pay off. I won’t speak on anything just yet, but just know… dreams really do come true. But you must work for them. You must put your all into it. I will keep you all updated on the exciting things to come. Thank you God and my family and friends for the constant support. I am off to go eat some heart-shaped pizza, and I may just pour myself some tequila ! Enjoy this day of love! I know I will be !

Published by Alicia Fadgen

Mother of 3. Children’s Book Author. Cooking=Meditation. Family Life is the Best Life. Talking all things motherhood. Clumsy Callie will be released in 2021 The Rainbow Bubble will be released in 2021 The Impossible Show will be released in 2022

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