Positivity Please and Thank You


This week has been super positive ! Let’s share ..

Monday : Kids had off school and had a play date ! So fun!

Tuesday: My boys first dentist appointment! He did amazing!!!! So he was spoiled with McDonalds :-)!

Wednesday: Girls have Acro .. so always a great night on Wednesdays !

Thursday: Family movie night ! Watched the new Adams Family :-)!

Friday: Today my girls are getting picked up early for the dentist (they are pumped!) then some spoiling at McDonald’s after! Then tonight … daddy is taking the kids for a play date while mommy has a much needed girls night :-)! Woot woot!

Also…. drumroll please …

I feel like I finally made a breakthrough in writing this week! I had a beyond generous author critique my stories which feels like a victory! I am so appreciative that someone took the time out to help me along this journey. There has been so many denials and defeats recently .. but persistence and belief in myself has now been rewarded! So excited to better my writing and keep at it! There are great people in this world!

POSITIVITY PLEASE AND THANK YOU! Have an amazing weekend !!!

Published by Alicia Fadgen

Mother of 3. Children’s Book Author. Cooking=Meditation. Family Life is the Best Life. Talking all things motherhood. Clumsy Callie will be released in 2021 The Rainbow Bubble will be released in 2021 The Impossible Show will be released in 2022

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