Sometimes after a storm… comes a rainbow 🌈

I have been waiting for the moment to see a rainbow since my book, The Rainbow Bubble released in July🥰 1 month later … and a double rainbow graced us with its beauty 💗 I ran outside like a little kid on Christmas morning. I truly believe a rainbow can bring such joy! This isContinue reading “Sometimes after a storm… comes a rainbow 🌈”

Oh The Places You’ll Go (Quarantine Version)

Hey everyone !!! Happy Wednesday! I know everyone is still in quarantine. This time can be scary or confusing for children. My kids are young and just more confused. I am filling their days with fun in the sun and lots of positivity. As a writer and a mother … I wanted to put togetherContinue reading “Oh The Places You’ll Go (Quarantine Version)”


Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is special. I have been speaking about the constant grind of becoming a children’s book author. I can honestly say, I have received so many denials. Normally… in life.. I allowed failure to define me. If I failed , I eventually gave up. This is how I know, writing is myContinue reading “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO ME!!!”

Positivity Please and Thank You

HAPPY FRIDAY! This week has been super positive ! Let’s share .. Monday : Kids had off school and had a play date ! So fun! Tuesday: My boys first dentist appointment! He did amazing!!!! So he was spoiled with McDonalds :-)! Wednesday: Girls have Acro .. so always a great night on Wednesdays !Continue reading “Positivity Please and Thank You”