Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is special. I have been speaking about the constant grind of becoming a children’s book author. I can honestly say, I have received so many denials. Normally… in life.. I allowed failure to define me. If I failed , I eventually gave up. This is how I know, writing is myContinue reading “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO ME!!!”

Positivity Please and Thank You

HAPPY FRIDAY! This week has been super positive ! Let’s share .. Monday : Kids had off school and had a play date ! So fun! Tuesday: My boys first dentist appointment! He did amazing!!!! So he was spoiled with McDonalds :-)! Wednesday: Girls have Acro .. so always a great night on Wednesdays !Continue reading “Positivity Please and Thank You”

No greater joy than the happiness of your children

What an amazing past 2 days! Friday and Saturday were filled with many memories, smiles, and pure joy! FRIDAY The girls had their holiday class party and it was their last day of school before Christmas break ! My favorite .. because I get spoiled with my kids for almost 2 weeks! So exciting! I’dContinue reading “No greater joy than the happiness of your children”

What’s on the Menu for Tonight?

Simplicity for tonight’s dinner… STEAK, POTATOES, and SPINACH/QUINOA MIX Ingredients: Steak (whatever kind you prefer) Russet Potatoes (I used 7) Steamable Spinach/Quinoa mix (I used 2 bags) Seasonings: Applewood Rub, Garlic Powder, Minced Onion, Lawry’s Signature Steakhouse Marinade Directions: Preheat oven on 375 Chop up potatoes Spray pan and place potatoes on Season potatoes withContinue reading “What’s on the Menu for Tonight?”

Aspiring Author turns Struggling Writer

Time to discuss my journey to becoming an author of picture books… brace yourself … So after getting an associates degree from college and graduating the dental assistant program … I started my career … and to be honest … I never went into dental assisting as a passion … I felt lost when IContinue reading “Aspiring Author turns Struggling Writer”