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Aspiring Author turns Struggling Writer

Time to discuss my journey to becoming an author of picture books… brace yourself …

So after getting an associates degree from college and graduating the dental assistant program … I started my career … and to be honest … I never went into dental assisting as a passion …

  • I felt lost when I was spending all this money on college but had no real passion on what I wanted for a career
  • I heard the Dental Assisting Program was only 1 year and it is good money
  • It was such a difficult year .. because those programs are NO JOKE
  • After graduating, I felt so proud and motivated (Hoping I would gain passion once I started working)
  • I finally ended up at an office that I LOVED (everything from the patients, to coworkers, to the dentist was amazing !)
  • But still … NO PASSION
  • Plus … I kept getting pregnant and leaving hahaha
  • After baby number 2 (my Vannah girl) was about 9-10 months old … I decided to quit and become a full time stay at home mother
  • I was thrilled to be with my 2 babies but I was never used to NOT working
  • Then shortly after that .. I had my 3rd child .. and I have to say… I finally felt like this is what I was put on Earth to do ( be a stay at home mother.. sharing moments with my children and being the best role model I could possibly be)

But what brought me to writing ??? Fast Forward 2 years later…

  • I was reading books every night to my children before bedtime and decided to start making up my own stories
  • I would include my children by asking what they would want my story to be about
  • One night .. my daughter Layla said RAINBOWS and BUBBLES (obviously children love both of those)
  • I started telling a story that included both but taught a really nice life lesson (so I decided .. I NEED TO WRITE THIS DOWN)
  • Each night I would read this book to my children (title: RAINBOW BUBBLES) and they would light up!
  • I absolutely loved their reaction .. so I decided to keep writing more stories (to this date … I have now wrote 11 books)
  • They honestly became my biggest fans! I also read to their class and the teachers and children loved them !
  • I still didn’t think to pursue anything until I went to a psychic/medium ( Not everyone has to believe in this stuff … but for some reason .. it created what I am about to tell….)
  • This Psychic/Medium told me that I was going to become a published author and do very well with that (I was shocked! No one .. besides my children , husband, and the classmates knew that I wrote stories)
  • I ended up telling my good friend that night .. who was shocked to hear I wrote books.. she decided to tell me a coworker of hers, just published a picture book
  • I of course stalked and figured out the Publishing Company and grew a pair … I sent them Rainbow Bubbles and in 3 weeks … I received a phone call that would honestly change my life..
  • The phone call was from the Publishing Company and they were very interested in publishing my book!
  • I was stunned to say the least!
  • I honestly couldn’t comprehend that my book was good enough to be noticed
  • After another 3 weeks, 4 separate phone calls, countless interviews.. the company discussed that my book was at the end stretch to becoming published, but would be brought to a meeting with the CEO to make the final call…
  • It was a Friday .. and I wouldn’t even leave my house .. my phone was glued to me .. while I anxiously waited for the call
  • At 5:30pm, I received an email that they decided to go with another choice …
  • The tears streamed down my face … and my date night with my husband turned into … drowning my sorrows in tequila (ooooops haha)
  • But the let down did not even compare to the fire that was lit inside
  • I decided that this was the passion I always looked for! I absolutely loved writing in school and won some awards when I was younger for writing contests.. but it never was a thought in my head to pursue that as a career .. until that moment .. until I had some kind of reassurance.. and the journey took off from there..
  • I continued writing so many more books, and continued sending to that Publishing company (they have now declined 4 of my books haha)
  • I also sent to a few other Publishers (some denials, some have not gotten back to me.. and another publishing company offered me a deal to go in half with them to publish) (my gut told me that other publisher wasn’t the right fit at this time.. so I decided to pass on that opportunity) I try to ALWAYS listen to my gut!
  • Then after tons of research… I decided to attempt getting a literary agent (let me tell you … this became more defeating than sending to Publishers)
  • I have sent numerous books to about 40 agents … and have had about 21 denials so far (talk about a reality check! Haha)
  • In the past .. I would have given up. This is how I know that this is my PASSION!
  • It honestly doesn’t matter how many people tell me NO, NOPE, NOT HAPPENING… I am going to make this happen !
  • I am investing my all into this! If I have to self publish years down the road … I WILL 🙂 But hopefully someone out there will recognize my passion behind this and I can officially say I am an AUTHOR… but for now… I’ll just introduce myself as a STRUGGLING WRITER haha

What’s Cooking, Good Looking?

So this will be my first post on cooking. I am not a dietician. I eyeball the majority of my ingredients. I did not go to culinary school. But that being said …. the best meals are made from love. I absolutely love to cook. The outcome of a delicious meal, and a satisfied family me the biggest high! So here we go ………

What is on the menu for tonight ? I call it …


Your taste buds will be vacationing in Mexico


  • 2 packs of chicken tenderloins
  • 1 pack taco seasoning
  • 1 can of black beans
  • half a bag of frozen corn
  • 1 green pepper
  • 2 bags brown rice
  • spices (cilantro, Tex mex, minced onion)


  • I clean the chicken and place into ziplock bag and mix in the taco seasoning
  • Mix the rice, chopped up peppers, corn, black beans, cilantro, minced onion, and tex mex and cook on top of stove til all cooked completely
  • Then set aside and place chicken on top, also can add fresh sliced avocados on finished dish . Bon Apetit !

My Morning of Magic

So .. just thought I’d share my Tuesday Morning of Magic with you all !

The morning started with my hangover. I turned 30 last year. This whole hangover situation has happened numerous times to me. I wake up with a pounding headache .. questioning my drinking from the night before… only to realize …


Anyways … my daughter (who is 5).. told me this morning to tell her elves on the shelf to let Santa know .. she only needs 1 gift this year .. so other children can have more gifts. My husband and I try to raise our kids to be super humble and kind.. they are young still .. but they have amazing hearts! This had me so emotional .. to know that our children will be selfless and giving. What an incredible feeling!

and then….

I was reading my mail and was blown away with how magical my morning continued …

I not only received Christmas cards from family and friends (which mean the world to me).. but my family also received a letter written from a very dear friend of ours…

this letter meant the absolute world to us! This person is such a beautiful person inside and out and the gratitude they shared with us.. blew me away! Tears flowed. My heart warmed. There is no greater gift in this world .. than knowing you have created happiness for others. I will forever be grateful for this letter!

After reading this letter … the magic continued to unfold …

memories popped up on Facebook, of one of my best friends and I…

my other best friend texted me shortly after that..

I received messages from a family member spoiling my children 🥰…

mind you … it is only 9:00am .. and already I have spoke to 4 different people with such positivity !

today will be the best day.. as every day is.

we are breathing.

we are loved.

we are appreciated.

If everyone could go out of their way for someone today, or tomorrow, or the next day .. and just help someone, share a nice memory, give motivation, compliment someone … you will do your job to make this world a better place 🙂

Imagination is EVERYTHING

So like I stated on my last post .. elf on the shelf came through with some cool “game controllers” for the kids .. so they can replicate Jumanji .. and get sucked into the game. They also left them pet snakes. Both “controllers” and snakes came from that toy bundle pack ( When my husband came home from work .. JUMANJI NIGHT was in full affect.

Lights went off around the house.

Hooked my phone up to Bluetooth speaker and went to YouTube (played Jumanji background music .. 15 min long video.. followed by more Jumanji music in another 15 min video)

Gave the kids 2 flashlights , their controllers, their snakes

Transformed into a screaming maniac (even though I tend to be that character from time to time in real life)

Husband and I decided to hide around the house .. jumping out at the kids.. setting up traps (blanket turned into a net).. creating chaos and fun (we probably enjoyed it more than the kids)

Then hid a treasure and gave clues to find it

We made sure to play an hour before their bed time (so they would be exhausted haha)

Hands down .. BEST NIGHT.. so many laughs.. wore the kids out.. and the only thing really needed was IMAGINATION.


Elf on the Shelf ain’t got nothing on me

Elf on the shelf is the definition of bittersweet. My kids currently have two elves .. a girl (Golden Rose) and a boy (Elfie). For exhausting nights , or nights with more than one glass of wine… I dread elf life. At the same time, when I get it done .. I think … yuuuupppp I’m the shit. Then the kids wake up so pumped ! Which makes it all worth it in the end. Well.. just thought I would share a little tip with Elf parents. This year .. I purchased Bulk Variety Pack on (Bright Deluxe Toy Assortment: 50pc). 50 pieces for only $13.95! This is amazing for stocking stuffers, last minute gifts for other children, or the rescue kit for elf life! I have used several items from this pack to make my life as an elf .. easy peesy lemon squeezeeeee (my god I’m turning into my children). So cheap .. so easy… so freakin awesome ! Thank you Oriental Trading ! Anyways .. back to elf on the shelf… I will share pictures and ideas below..

  • purchase some ice cream or maybe a snack your child doesn’t always have on your next grocery trip. Write a note from the elf.. that the surprise treat is from them. Easy easy easy. I did ice cream .. and put chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup out. My kids went nuts.
  • candy coal (got mine from .. keeps the kids in check .. but can still be enjoyed after lesson is learned.
  • use flour for fake snow… easy to clean up.. usually have flour in the house
  • toilet paper snowman.. looks cute .. and you better have toilet paper in the household
  • clothes that may be needed for kids before Christmas hits .. buy it.. give it from the elves.. saves you trying to think of an idea for the elf (Gave my kids snow-boots).. believe me .. they appreciate it more from the elves
  • take full advantage of the elf being magical (told them the maze *one of items from bulk* was a controller for Jumanji) (doesn’t look like a controller .. but they bought it .. only because the elves claimed it was a game controller)


I will continue to post pics and ideas !

Ready for that Blog Life

Hello 🙂 My name is Alicia and I am a mother to 3 pretty amazing kids! I have the pleasure of being a stay at home mother. I have been able to experience it all! So boy do I have heart warming stories, crazy stories, tips on staying sane (May include Tequila), and all the in betweens! I will be as blunt as possible when sharing our daily life. I am also an aspiring PB (Picture Book) author. You can basically say I am a struggling writer at this point. Womp Womppppp. I will also be sharing some of that as well. I also love love love to cook! Baking… horrible. But cooking .. I got that down! I will share recipes and quick, delicious meals. So if you want a laugh, mom life advice, rhymes, or chef expertise (my husband’s belly says I’m an expert)… then join my blog and enjoy !

”The funny thing about kids is… they are the ones that make us lose it.. but also the ones who force us to keep it all together”