SO EXCITED ! I am so pumped to announce another picture book that will soon be released!!! This story is called Twinkle Shines. The story takes you along Twinkle’s journey to be the best shooting star. She must pass each lesson of shooting star school. You will learn about perseverance and selflessness! My book will be published by PenIt! Publications. I am so excited to share each step of the way, with all of you! I will continue to update and share it all! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE CONTINUED SUPPORT! IT MEANS THE WORLD!

Published by Alicia Fadgen

Mother of 3. Children’s Book Author. Cooking=Meditation. Family Life is the Best Life. Talking all things motherhood. Clumsy Callie will be released in 2021 The Rainbow Bubble will be released in 2021 The Impossible Show will be released in 2022

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