Life is what you make it. So…

In the tough times …

In the lowest moments…

When the storm pours down…

Always remember to enjoy that rainbow and sunlight that follows.

My writing career has not been the easiest, as I have mentioned before. I feel so passionate about my stories and the messages I want to portray. I honestly will never give up on any of my work and will continue to spread positivity and kindness. I have been so blessed to see my hard work paying off. I still pinch myself from time to time. I even get nervous when others ask me what I do. My answer for so long has been a stay at home mother. I sometimes don’t feel worthy enough to say, I am an author. But honestly, it doesn’t matter your success in your area of work. If you give your heart and soul to what you love, then stand proud and announce it to the world. I AM AN AUTHOR 🤣🙌

My first children’s book, The Rainbow Bubble, has done so well. I have had an amazing support system and so many people who truly believe in me. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I am spreading kindness through my story and having children light up when they read it. I will have very exciting news about this book coming super soon. So please keep your eyes peeled for some really awesome stuff! Also, please continue spreading the word on this story and leaving those reviews. It makes all the difference in the world, and I beyond appreciate it!

Now for my next book.. coming next summer..


This story is inspired by not only myself but my sweet Savannah. I unfortunately passed on my traits of clumsiness to my daughter. This story will relate to so many others. It will teach children to not allow their flaws to define them. Flaws don’t always have to be a negative.

I met with my absolutely amazing publisher and illustrator yesterday. The vision we all have for this story, has me jumping for joy! My publisher will also be making a very exciting announcement! I feel so honored to be a part of Hurn Publications and the amazing things to come! So definitely keep your eyes peeled for the announcement!!

Like I said… life is what you make it … we all face obstacles.. but it is how you handle it.. that creates your outcome.


Published by Alicia Fadgen

Mother of 3. Children’s Book Author. Cooking=Meditation. Family Life is the Best Life. Talking all things motherhood. Clumsy Callie will be released in 2021 The Rainbow Bubble will be released in 2021 The Impossible Show will be released in 2022

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