Happy Motivation Monday ❤️ I couldn’t wait to post this. I really hope this helps others. Let us talk about REJECTION. We have all faced rejection whether it is in our career, our personal life, or even to ourselves. I created this shadow box to show how rejection can be the best fuel to thrive. When submitting my stories to different agents and publishers over the past year … I faced 121 rejections.. but who is counting 🤪 121 No’s. I received several a day. I would call my husband up and joke about the number of denials each day … “Today I reached 5!” 🤣 But I didn’t always joke… there were days where I felt so defeated. On many occasions, I considered giving up on my dream. I will say … I never took the denials personally.. I completely understand that agents and publishers struggle when having to turn down work.. just as much as we struggle receiving that No. Even though I never took it to heart, I started to have self doubt. I spent hours and hours a day trying to pursue my writing. I followed every author blog and community.. I had others critique and help edit, and I never once gave up. After a year of grinding and pushing through the rejection… I had 2 amazing publishers @penitpub @hurnpublications see my vision and passion. They took a chance on me and I will forever be grateful! They made my dreams come true, they fueled my fire, and they celebrated my passion. Every No just means you are one step closer to a Yes. I placed a rose petal for each rejection into the shadow box and placed my publishers above it. I wanted to show how something that could feel discouraging can bloom into something so beautiful and worth it! If you want something bad enough.. overcome the Rejection and fight for what you deserve ! 🙌🏼❤️ 🌹 #rejection #overcome #motivationmonday #hurnpublications #penitpublications #writingcommunity

Published by Alicia Fadgen

Mother of 3. Children’s Book Author. Cooking=Meditation. Family Life is the Best Life. Talking all things motherhood. Clumsy Callie will be released in 2021 The Rainbow Bubble will be released in 2021 The Impossible Show will be released in 2022

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