Define Success

Well let’s just say.. I have been in a rut recently …

The book publishing world is not for the weak…

Today … I doubted myself .. like really really doubted myself …

Endless denials or too much money needed out of my pocket to gain the success of being an author..

I had a break down on the phone with my husband and said … I just want to be successful ..and he said …. YOU ARE .. YOU ARE A SUCCESSFUL MOTHER.

I then took a deep breath and looked around … I had finished cooking dinner, kids were happily playing in their play room, house is clean … and that in itself is success… especially after a week of all 3 of my babies having the stomach bug.. days apart 😦

Then my oldest came up to me and said .. “did my perfume come yet?” I said .. “it will be here tomorrow :-)” (she is 6 but insists she have her own perfume to smell beautiful when we go out to dinner) so I have perfume being delivered for her and my other daughter. She then said, “you are the best mom ever I love you !” … and yes this would be how I define success.

For all the mothers working and struggling to balance life … u are everything ! U are successful!

For all the stay at home mothers (like myself) trying so hard to identify as something other than 24 hour mother .. u are everything ! U are successful!

I can’t let the failure define me or my goals …

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