Weekend Vibes

I have been slack-a-lackinnnnnn when it comes to blogging! My weekend was full of fun and I have also been fully investing myself in trying to get published. A slow and steady battle it has been!

Let’s Talk About The Weekend!

  • Friday: Went to Ye Old Centerton Inn (for the first time).. this place has been there since 1706! It used to be a hotel back in the day. My husband and I .. looooooove old-fashioned.. kept original.. type of places. THIS WAS RIGHT UP OUR ALLEY! The kids loved it so much too! The girls asked me what the radiator was HAHAHA It was hands down the most fun night ! We enjoyed amazing food, amazing service, all by the warmth of their fireplace. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Also .. I decided to test the girls out. I allowed them to go to the bathroom by themselves.. it was a 1 person only bathroom. I decided to walk up to the door after they were in there. I then started to bang on the door repeatedly.. they kept calling out “YES?!” Hahaha (clearly I need to teach them to respond with, “someone is in here”) .. then I decided to repeatedly shake the door handle like I was trying to break in.. they then were yelling, “YESSSSS?!!! THIS IS FREAKY!!!” Hahaha ( I never once answered, I wanted to see what they would do.. trying to teach that Stranger Danger 101)… after a solid 5 mins .. they walked out so chill .. like no one was banging on the door for the past 5 mins hahahaha … I told them … next time .. please come out ninja kicking. Lesson learned.
  • Saturday: Daddy had off work!!! (Which is rare, so you know I planned for a nice family day) … we took the kids to see Jumanji The Next Level in the theaters.. it was so fun and the movie was great! All of the actors had me cracking up! They really got in character ! After the movies , we relaxed at home .. until it was time to head to my niece’s 1st birthday party ! The party was such a great time! So many laughs, great family, awesome food, and of course .. the most beautiful birthday girl!
  • Sunday: We had a pretty chill morning , then headed out to get together with family we did not see over the holidays. It was like Christmas all over again! Kids opened gifts, we enjoyed food and drinks, and it was overall… such an amazing night!

So basically … our weekend was filled with fun and family!

Okay… so now for this slow and steady process of getting my picture books published …

  • I have only been persistently pursuing this since the summertime (so almost going on 8 months) .. and damnnnnn I’m spent! I am constantly going on Twitter for tips and support .. and just saw a question posted … “How long was the process before getting your first book published?” … average answer was……………….. wait for it …………… keep waiting ………………….. keep waiting …………. this is all you will do anyways ….. is wait…. and wait……… and wait…… because…… the average answer was ………. 6 years! And a ton of responses of 10+ years. Now… I am a pretty patient person… but that being said ….. I will do everything in my power to cut that answer in half! No like honestly cut that answer in pieces ! If I have to self publish in the end … I will. But come on writing gods… just bless me with some luck please. So over the weekend, and yesterday .. I sent more stories to publishing companies as well as agents. I am doing my homework on a DAILY to strive to get better and revise my work, as well as pursue what I want ! I will fail a million times just to reach my end goal! End of story. So for all the other struggling authors out there … we got this.. we also have tequila .. remember that too …we also have tequila.

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Mother of 3. Children’s Book Author. Cooking=Meditation. Family Life is the Best Life. Talking all things motherhood. Clumsy Callie will be released in 2021 The Rainbow Bubble will be released in 2021 The Impossible Show will be released in 2022

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