No greater joy than the happiness of your children

What an amazing past 2 days! Friday and Saturday were filled with many memories, smiles, and pure joy!


  • The girls had their holiday class party and it was their last day of school before Christmas break ! My favorite .. because I get spoiled with my kids for almost 2 weeks! So exciting! I’d rather have warm weather but we will just enjoy lots of hot chocolate 🙂
  • I absolutely love to go to my children’s class parties! I get so much joy seeing all the kids in the class filled with excitement! There is no better feeling!
  • So when I entered the school (with a case of water, 2 cases of juices, 4 teachers gifts, and 36 student gifts) , the fire alarm went off ( of course ! Hahaha ) Thankfully I was able to put the items down in the office before exiting the building , about 95% of the parents were not so lucky. So there everyone stood in the freezing cold, arms filled, until fire department showed up to clear the building (it was a false alarm thank goodness!) and it created laughs for all the staff and parents 🙂
  • I then made my way to Savannah’s class to drop gifts off and give my girl a kiss (she had me for Halloween, so I was going to help Layla’s class for Christmas) .. I walked in to see Savannah with red down her face, her beautiful sweater now dyed red (was white), hands were stained red… yes I decided to spray their hair red this year *pretty sure that bottle was defective hahahaha* MOM FAIL!
  • Now onto Layla’s class .. walked into the room to see my daughter was now transformed into a tomato .. she was even worse than Savannah! MOM FAIL x2! Another fail only to bring more laughs hahaha Her party went perfect ! The kids played games, had delicious treats, and everyone really enjoyed themselves . The present for the kids this year was the same thing I did last year .. giving all the credit once again to ! Super easy, cheap, and adorable toy-filled stockings! There are 8 toys inside and the kids love it!
  • After the party was over , we headed home and transformed the girls back to normal ! No more hues of red hahaha
  • All 3 of the kids then helped me bake cookies and drank unicorn hot chocolate (YUM)
  • We ended our night ordering pizza and watching Christmas movies ( PERFECTION)


  • Our Saturday morning was pretty relaxing , basically binged on more Christmas movies
  • Mommy then cleaned to some lovely Christmas tunes (really getting in the holiday spirit at this point)
  • Saturday night was all the fun! We had our best friends come over with their 2 sons and the kids were having a blast running around and playing together
  • We then made our way to go see Christmas lights! Highly recommend going to Haggertys! A cute little Christmas wonderland is how I would describe it! A small portion of Pitman has a beautiful display of lights and pure magic ! Very old school vibes and the kids were amazed by it all! It was extremely cold so we decided to do the rest of the viewing in the car
  • We had the kids singing along to Christmas songs (we were definitely competing with the Griswolds), we viewed neighbors lights and enjoyed every second!
  • The kids were getting super sleepy so we ended the night making gingerbread ornaments and then we called it a night

This weekend has been nonstop fun and memories I will forever cherish! Woohoo! Christmas is in 3 days !!!

Published by Alicia Fadgen

Mother of 3. Children’s Book Author. Cooking=Meditation. Family Life is the Best Life. Talking all things motherhood. Clumsy Callie will be released in 2021 The Rainbow Bubble will be released in 2021 The Impossible Show will be released in 2022

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